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Making a home

Being a young adult who is also a student means that money isn’t something that can be spent without careful thought (at least for me anyway). One of my dreams is to have my own house which I can then turn into a home however this isn’t an option currently because, quite frankly, I haven’t got the money. I’ve loved decorating and interior designing ever since I was a small child and would spend hours rearranging my bedroom and crafting things to make my room look more cozy. I’d also make sure to decorate the dining room table whenever we had guests over with flower arrangements and pretty little place-cards that were hand decorated with sparkles and ribbons.

Currently me and C are flatting with another couple in their house which is a nice arrangement as they are never home and we basically have the place to myself. The only downside is the fact that it’s not my house and I can’t do things like arrange the couches or de-clutter the living room and organize the kitchen (something I love to do). I’m hoping that when we relocate to the South Island we can find a house for just the two of us as I’ll be able to have a well-paying full time job.

I’m not sure if it’s the domestic housewife in me that enjoys the thought of being able to create a space that I love and not living one that I’m purely just existing in but I’ve always been a domestic sort of person and if I’m being honest (which I should…) I’d love to eventually be a stay at home mum who cooks and cleans and looks after the kids rather than be a working woman. That may get some people all up in arms because women have rights etc etc but I don’t feel as though doing something you love is against your rights. If someone wants to be a working mum… good for them! Also if someone wants to be a stay at home mum… then once again good for them!

Ive been seeing a lot of ‘vintage housewife’ blogs around and they really do call to me in a certain way. The whole idea of staying home with the kids and baking during the day is something that seems so whimsical. I know that when it comes down to it, being a stay at home mum is hard work but I feel like the rewards for me would be much higher than they would be if I was going to work. I would definitely like to be able to have my own independence still which is why I’ve studied and will have a career to fall back on and also a way to earn and save money until that day might come. Hopefully someday in the near future I’ll be able to build and design my own home but until then I’ll stick to longingly looking at Pintrest and dreaming about shopping for cozy rugs and pretty candles.


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