Motivation struggles

Everybody has days where they just don’t feel like doing anything and I’m no different . Some days I just struggle to get going and be productive especially when I have barely slept the night before. When me and C first moved into the new place I had actually just stopped working and so I would have all day to cook amazing meals and bake and study however now that I’m working again I just have no motivation. I sleep for a few hours a night, wake up to go to work and by the time I get home, I really don’t want to be in the kitchen which saddens me because I do love cooking and baking.

I made thanksgiving dinner for the first time this year because here in New Zealand we don’t celebrate it but seeing as my partner is from the US I decided to try it out and I LOVED it! All the cooking was so much fun to do and I miss feeling happy when I cook. I’m hoping I’ll get some drive to start cooking again and tonight was a good start because I baked choc chip cookies and apple crumble and we made steak with mushroom sauce and it was pretty good if I don’t say so myself!

I also find myself just wanting to stay in bed all day sometimes because without work it’s so hard to find stuff to do although I have been going to the beach more often because our beaches are actually amazing and I’m definitely a summer baby! I don’t burn so I don’t have to suffer through the sticky feeling of lotion although I’ll probably regret that when I’m 30 but as for now I’ll enjoy it!

Hopefully I’ll get out of my rut and maybe start running once cheerleading is over to keep up my fitness and find some hobbies that interest me. I have always been the kind of person who gets bored very quickly and I constantly need to try new hobbies and activities and the only things that have been consistently entertaining to me would be competitive cheer and horses.

Anyway I’ll leave you with a picture from the beach I went horse riding on the other day just to make everyone jealous 🙂



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