The Perfect Match (My love story)


So now comes time for the story of how my (hopefully) happily ever after started.

Unfortunately it didn’t start with true loves kiss or being rescued from a tower and I didn’t meet him at a fancy ball in his kingdom. It actually started with the modern version… Tinder… yes, the app where you quite literally swipe left or right depending on if you like their picture or not. I know, it’s an extremely shallow way to meet people and a lot of people use it for ‘quick fixes’ which is definitely not what I was using it for!

To give a little bit of background I haven’t had the best luck with guys and my last boyfriend really wasn’t the nicest person (although I thought he was at the time). Throughout our relationship he was using Tinder which I had no clue about until I was using his phone one night and a message popped up from a girl from Tinder. When I found out all of this I gave him a second chance but things kept happening and I ended up not liking him in the slightest and I broke it off. In order to get ‘revenge’ I decided to go on tinder and see what it was all about and I ignored hundreds of messages from creepy guys because in all honestly I just like meeting new people who won’t turn out to be axe murderers. After many failed conversations with people who were either far too eager, far too stupid, or just far too annoying, I ended up getting a message from a guy named C…. I’ll actually insert an excerpt of the conversation right here: (How cute, our first interaction ever)


After realizing he wasn’t an axe murderer and that it was going to be with his flatmates and a couple of other people I thought “Why not?!” and had a shower, got dressed up and headed over! I had a super fun night and ended up staying the night at their flat because it was really late and I couldn’t drive after 10 pm and I’m a good girl. The next morning I left and wasn’t really expecting to get a text or anything from him because I wasn’t sure that he was interested in dating. However it turns out that I’d left my ID, my earrings and my bank card at his place (I’m secretly blonde) and he texted me saying I could come pick it up that night.

He didn’t want to be rude and invited me in and I can’t remember what we did but we probably hung out in the lounge or something and chatted and I left. Nothing exciting really, no sparks flew and it wasn’t love at first sight but over the next couple of weeks we started hanging out more and he said he wanted to get to know me blah blah and he asked me out officially on the 30th May 2015. The next day we actually went on a road trip to Rotorua with some friends which was a fun start to our relationship but it progressed as relationships do and although it took us a while to say the big and scary ‘L’ word it happened and now we have been dating for a year and a half and things are going great!

We both have the same goals in life and we both enjoy our own separate hobbies which is definitely an important thing in a relationship. He has his gym (I hate the gym) and I have my cheerleading (definitely not his thing) yet we do things together a lot as well. We are now moving to the South Island together and hopefully things get to a ‘forever’ stage someday but I’ve learned not to put all my eggs in one basket so I’m still keeping my independence which I do hope to do even when I’m married.

The funny thing is that my parents and his don’t know how we met. I’m not sure they’d approve even if they knew it was used for innocent reasons. I told them we met through mutual friends which is probably more understandable than saying “oh, I met him on an online dating app that is extremely shallow and is usually used for one night stands.”

So in summary, although me and C meeting may not have been a typical fairy-tale meeting with fireworks and sparks and glass slippers, it turned out alright and maybe one day it will turn into a happily ever after.









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