No makeup challenge!

Ahhh makeup, the one thing in life that makes me feel somewhat put together. I admit it’s gotten to an extreme point in my life where I won’t leave the house without it on but that’s partially due to the fact that my skin has been an absolute mess as of lately due to my birth control. When I was a teenager I think I was probably the last person in my class to start wearing makeup and I didn’t wear foundation/tinted moisturiser until I was about 17/18 unlike many of my peers. I was blessed with gorgeous skin that never had a blemish in sight and looking back, I never quite appreciated it enough.

Now, I’m not saying my skin is the worst there is and I don’t have acne but my skin scars terribly. One pimple and a mark will be there for months afterwards, so when my skin decides to go through a rough patch with even just a pimple or two a week, my skin is left looking like the surface of the moon. I’ve managed to get my skin back to a nice texture which was a huge thing for me, however the good ol’ marks are still there which means that with a BB cream or foundation, my skin looks fine, but without it… well… let’s not go there.

I came across the no makeup challenge where people aren’t wearing makeup for certain periods of time and I nearly had a heart attack. I’ve always been anxious in scenarios where there are new people or I think they may be judging me (because everyone is totally focused on me) but that’s something I have to work towards getting over. I honestly won’t go inside a store, and even driving somewhere without at least BB cream on scares the living daylights out of me and I know that makes no sense at all but hey, that’s the way my brain works.

I decided to make my own ‘No Makeup Challenge’ by tailoring it to fit my own rate of progression. I’m going to do it over the month of December and gradually take away certain major products till I’m left being able to not wear any. However, I’m not going all out and NEVER wearing it because I know that’s not reasonable for me but if it works for you then awesome!

Week one: No Lipstick or eyeliner

Week Two: No contouring products (i.e bronzer, highlighter etc) and no eye shadow.

Week Three: No concealer or eyebrow products

Week Four: No mascara and finally no face products at all 🙂

I’ll keep updating on my progress and let you know if I’ve had a mental breakdown in the process!!


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