No Makeup challenge week 1

So thought I’d do a quick little update on how my no makeup challenge is going. I knew this first week would be the easiest and I figured I’d just do updates every Friday as that marks a full week of me potentially completing a week of controlling my urges to wear makeup.

This first week went surprisingly well but I knew this was definitely going to be the easiest part. No lipstick and no eyeliner wasn’t that hard but because I haven’t been blessed with large luscious lips I tend to like my lip liner a bit too much. I did manage to bear it though, and shock horror, nobody actually noticed or cared. Eyeliner was even easier because I usually only wear it when I’m dressing up and going out somewhere so because I could still wear mascara it didn’t really effect me in any way. I do also usually wear white eyeliner on my waterline to open my eyes up and make me look slightly less zombie like but once again, not that big of a deal.

I am however dreading next week because well… contouring. I don’t think that needs much explanation! Foundation with no bronzing or blush or contour means that although my skin may look more natural and still an even skin tone, my cheekbones won’t look as good and I do live for highlighter like I think many of us do! Eyeshadow won’t be too much of a problem although I do like to wear neutral colours to make my eyes look bigger, it’s not something that I’m freaking out about.

I think I’m well on my way to success with this though and I hope it carries on like this because it’s making me realise that really, nobody cares at all. Oh and guess what I managed to do? I wore no makeup, none, not even a little bit to the corner store the other day. That may not sound like a big deal to a lot of you but to me it was huge! God forbid somebody see my natural face! Well one small step for man, one huge step for mankind right?

Anyway wish me luck!



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