13 going on 30

I’m sure a lot of people have noticed by now that the younger generations are growing up a lot quicker than we did. What inspired this post was a few things I saw on social media, which is, a social platform where anybody can see your pictures not only your friends. So about a week ago I saw a girl that is one of my friends younger siblings or something like that, post a new profile picture. I was like oh that’s cool her hair looks nice, until I looked closer and saw that underneath the jacket she was holding open was… well.. nothing. It was covering the ‘essentials’ but nothing else. It was a profile picture worthy for a porn star and yet this child was only 16. I’m pretty sure that when I was 16 I was still wearing dungarees thinking they were fashionable and trying to raise my Tamagotchi.

The biggest thing that sparked my internal flame of disbelief was my little sister. Yes, I know you may be thinking I’m overreacting but really, I’m not. Shes 17, so she is old enough to make her own decisions and everything but at the same time you would think that being 17, she would have the common sense not to do things like this. I was casually scrolling through Fb when I see a picture, nicely taken I must add, of a young girl in a skimpy bikini shooting a very ‘sensual’ look at the camera. I scrolled past, had a moment to breath, and scrolled up to see who this provocative young woman was and can you believe my surprise when I see that it’s my younger sister.

I personally think it’s fine to have bikini shots of you and your friends or even professional ones taken! What I don’t think is appropriate is to put up images online of you wearing barely nothing, especially if it’s your profile picture which everybody and anybody can see. Including men who may want to use these pictures for not so nice reasons. I quite frankly think it’s a bit cheap and nasty to put up pictures like this as it comes across like you are looking for attention, and not the nicest attention at that.

I guess it’s just how kids are growing up now but it’s just sad to see 16 year old dying their hair, getting fake tans, nails done, and wearing next to nothing when you know it’s purely to get the attention of other people. I know some people may not agree with my point of view however this is purely my opinion. If you like seeing 16 year old girls dressing like 20 year olds going clubbing then well, good for you! But I don’t and it disturbs me when I’m more covered up than a teenager when I go out.

Anyway I’m going to go cool off now!


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