Santa Claus is coming!!

I’m one of those people who got told Santa wasn’t real when I was about 10 and I hated knowing this even though I already sort of had figured it out. One thing I wish I had over Christmas was a huge family, like the crazy aunt and the uncle who always eats too much and cousins running everywhere but alas, my parents moved to NZ and so I don’t really have any extended family. I have my grandparents on my dads side who live by a beach town and as we have summer Christmas here in New Zealand it’s definitely nice! We also have our aunt and her partner but that’s pretty much it so when we have Christmas it’s small but still a lot of fun.

Unfortunately seeing as me and C are flatting, we don’t have a house to decorate or a tree or anything like that but hopefully in the future I’ll be able to get even more into the Christmas spirit! I’ve also been listening to Christmas music during my commute and it honestly makes me feel so much better belting out ‘let it snow’ in the middle of traffic although I’m sure people think I’m slightly crazy.

I’ve been starting to look for jobs in the South Island and haven’t found one yet probably because I’m slightly fussy about the area I wan’t to live in and also the fact that I only just graduated but I will keep trying and see what happens. I had the most terrible migraine last night which is why I didn’t put a post up. It got to the point where I’d gone to bed and woke up 3 hours later feeling extremely queasy and it was by far the worst one I’d ever had which is saying something because my migraines get very bad. I tend to get migranes quite often however they don’t often affect my stomach which unfortuantely this time it did and I was throwing up for the whole morning which doesn’t go well when combined with 3 hours sleep.

C took the day off work to look after me which was the sweetest thing and he came home to find me sitting by the toilet bowl in tears. He gave me painkillers and ran a bath and after taking a nice long soak I fell asleep and had the best sleep of my life. I feel so much better now as this morning I was about ready to go to the emergency clinic because I honestly felt like I was dying and I really just wanted it to stop. I also missed out on working today which was a disappointment however I do have a shoot tomorrow which I’m quite excited for! It’s a summer shoot so hopefully it’s good weather because most of it is at the beach!

That’s all for now but I’ll update you on how my shoot goes tomorrow and possibly put some pictures up of my outfits I get to wear!

xx Cassie


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