Model Behaviour

So I didn’t post last night because I had cheerleading and then I attempted to sleep which didn’t go very well. According to C I went a little bit crazy, and  I ended up walking into the door and concussing myself. I don’t remember any of this but I did have a bit of a foggy head and ended up only working half a day today to try and get some sleep.

My photo shoot went really well yesterday. It was summer bridal wear which was quite exciting because who doesn’t like trying on wedding dresses? Because I’m not typical model height (I’m only 5’4) the heels I had to wear were definitely far too tall for my liking and for the pictures on the beach I actually had to stand on a box in order for the dress to flow properly but hey, it worked, and the pictures turned out quite nicely.
The weather was awful and rainy today and too bad for us to shoot outside again so we got to shoot in the studio which was a much warmer change as although it’s summer here, we have very unpredictable weather and it gets quite chilly with the wind blowing. I’ve done a few photo shoots with dresses before but this was the first one where I’ve modeled with another person and being ‘husband and wife’ was interesting as you had to work with them in order to get a good shot. It was a nice change though, and money is always good to have!

In terms of my relationship me and C haven’t been doing that well lately because I’m not sleeping and therefore getting extremely irritable which in turn makes him grumpy and it’s just a viscous cycle of me waking him up during the night with my tossing and turning and both of us getting grumpier and grumpier with no sleep. I also haven’t been as domestic as I used to be because with my lack of sleep it’s extremely hard even to get out of bed in the mornings and by the time I finish work I’m exhausted and have no energy to do anything like cleaning or cooking. I offered to move out to let him sleep better but he said no because if I moved out we would end up breaking up so my choices are pretty much these…

A) I stay living here and waking him up and making him really grumpy with me,


B) I move out and we break up.

So my choices are both not really great and I’m getting that he wants to stay like we are but at the same time he needs to then not be grumpy about it because it makes me dislike being with him. It’s a bit of a dilemma and I really need to work it out and I have been referred to another sleep clinic so hopefully this one will sort my insomnia out.


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