Sun, sand, and sleeping pills

So after 3 days of no sleep (around 6 hours worth of naps in total), and after my crazy incident the other night I decided to go back to see the doctor. I never thought I’d actually suggest sleeping pills but at this stage I was desperate and although I have yet another appointment with a sleep clinic I’m not holding out hope. I explained what was happening and she ended up giving me Zopiclone in 7.5mg tablets. She gave me 10, which if I only take half a tablet gives me 20 days of sleep which would be a miracle and I would be so happy if it works. I took the first tablet last night but the only problem is I’m not sure if I slept because of the tablet or because I had pulled all nighters 3 days in a row, either way, I managed to get a solid 10 hours of sleep.

This morning C took me to breakfast at a cafe/restaurant which was awesome and I had the best hotcakes ever with berry compote and bananas and cream as well as a double shot Mocha (got to have that caffeine!). He had some spicy Spanish breakfast thing which didn’t look appealing to me at all but was apparently really nice. I then went to the beach to see my best friend L who I haven’t seen for a long time except for at her birthday where she was, understandably, rather tipsy. It’s nice to have a friend like that though, one who even if you don’t see them for ages, you are still friends. There was a period where because we lived in separate places, we didn’t see each other for a year and yet we were still best friends. I never thought I’d have a life-long friend but I guess I do!

We talked about our relationships, marriage, children, annoying flatmates and other things that us girls typically talk about and we lay on the beach for 4 hours resulting in her getting sunburned and me getting very brown. I even got slightly pink which is highly unusual for me as my olive skin doesn’t require sunscreen. I now have gorgeous (sarcasm) tan lines that I worked so hard to avoid this summer but oh well!

I have a rather boring weekend lined up, obviously today I went to the beach and tomorrow I may go see the horses and ride a little bit depending on how well I sleep and how groggy I feel in the morning because these pills definitely make it difficult to get up and I hate the metallic taste I get in my mouth. I also have my last cheerleading practice for the year, and for me, the last practice I will ever have in Auckland or at this club which is quite sad :(. I will definitely be joining one when I move though and I’m aiming to join a university team which means that the other flyers won’t be 12 and will be my age which will be a nice change not to be the tallest flyer as even though I’m not exactly tall, I’m tall compared to a 12 year old.

Anyway I hope these tablets work enough to allow me to get some much needed rest and reset my body to be more normal!

P.s On a side note, I am considering laser eye surgery which would be nice although I would definitely have to save up for it but it’s an option as I have terrible eyesight and wear contacts every day. If anyone has had it I’d love to hear your experiences and if it’s improved your life at all!

xx Cassie



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