Are my cheerleading days over?

So today marks the last day of cheerleading for the year which is always sad however this may be my last day of cheerleading ever. I am 21 now and my body is starting to break a lot more easily, I have a recurring dislocating knee which really needs surgery to be fixed and as I’m a flyer (Top person) there is a lot of strain on my knee which isn’t ideal. Another reason is that I’m moving to the South Island which for Americans would be the equivalent of moving out of state which means that I’d have to join another cheerleading team. This is definitely an option I’m keeping in mind because there is actually a University team where I’m moving to and they are a level 4 team which means they are pretty decent. It would also be really nice to be able to cheer with people my age and size because although I’m by no means heavy (43ish kg’s or around 95lbs) I’m heavy compared to the 12-14 year old flyers.

It would be awesome to be able to continue to cheer because once my knee is fully healed I can start tumbling again and my stunting will improve drastically but I guess I won’t know until I move. I’m looking to move around mid-late February as studying closer to the campus would be a lot easier due to having block courses. I’m studying via correspondence which I did this year also, however this year there were block courses where I live but next year the only one is in the South Island and so living closer would make it more feasible to go to them.

Anyway I’m a bit sad about tonight, I’ve been with this club since they started although I did have a two year break due to studying but I’ve been training with this gym since 2009/2010 which is a long time! Anyway I better get ready now though as I have to leave soon..



2 thoughts on “Are my cheerleading days over?

  1. If you love it, you’ll make it happen. I’m in the exact same boat. After high school I aged out of senior age group and there are no international level teams near me that I can join. but I joined all star hip hop last year and loved it. I got to try something new, while still being active in the all star world. As for the injuries, if it is very serious then yes you should take care of it while you can (before you move and before tryouts for next season). Hope this helped 🙂

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    1. Luckily here we have a lot of open age teams which means there are a lot of over 18 teammates that aren’t necessarily international which is awesome because then you don’t have to do varsity in order to do cheer! Luckily my injuries are starting to get better and should hopefully be fine for tryouts next year!
      xx Cassie


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