No Makeup Challenge- Week 2

So I totally forgot to post this weeks update on Friday but better late than never right? This weeks challenge was to go without products like bronzer, highlighter, blush and eye shadow. I feel like this was extremely difficult for me because who doesn’t love highlighter? The eye shadow thing wasn’t too tricky although I’m not sure I did it right because I did still use a setting powder as my eyelids tend to crease a lot but I think I got the main point done. For me this week was more about embracing my natural face shape and eye shape and so a little setting powder wouldn’t hurt.

The highlight and bronzer aspect was definitely the hardest part as without it I feel very naked. No bronzer/contour meant that I felt as though my face was the shape of the moon and no highlight meant that I felt like I looked flat and dead buuuuut I got over myself and actually got compliments! Yep, I got compliments even without all the fancy contouring because it looked like I wasn’t wearing much makeup and so I suppose people thought my skin was naturally like this. I also noticed my skin clearing up which was a miracle although I could also attribute it to the fact that I’m back on my pill and am getting some sun.

All in all, I feel like this challenge is not as far fetched as I originally thought it was going to be and I’m getting more comfortable in my own skin which is perfect because with my insecurity problems, going swimming/surfing has been a struggle for me lately as “gasp” people had to see me with no makeup on. I’m definitely doing this challenge during the right season as I’m not sure it would have gone as well in winter.

I’m actually looking forward to week 3 and I’ll make sure to keep y’all updated!


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