Going offline.

Ahhh, so I know I’ve been AWOL for about two weeks now and it’s been really good to get outside and spend time with family without constantly being on Facebook and snap chat but I’ve missed my little blog. (I did of course occasionally put a picture or two up on Instagram because I like to look back on my older posts and remember the good times) I had an amazing time with friends and family and I suppose having split parents who both have new partners means you get to spend time with two different families over Christmas and maximize meals which I’m always up for!

I surprisingly haven’t put on any weight over the holidays which is a mystery to me as I’m pretty sure I ate triple my weight in ham and turkey alone over these last two weeks but as I go back to work in two days time it’s probably a good thing that I am still the same size that my agency says I am otherwise I wouldn’t fit into anything they gave me and that would be a very awkward situation. I have a shoot for some summer wear boutique that’s opening up soon or something and I suppose it’s bad that I barely ever know details of the companies I work for but it honestly doesn’t matter to me.

Me and C drove down to my grandparents on my fathers side (the only extended family I have in NZ) and we spent a few days down by the beach and came back for new years and spent that with my dad and his partners daughter and the daughters fiance. I hadn’t met them before so getting to know them was nice as they are around the same age as C and me.  I also just spend far too much money on makeup today as there are so many sales going on and as I’m a late bloomer in terms of learning to do makeup well I haven’t yet amassed a collection of items and am playing a game of catch up now while I master the art of it.

I also spent far too much on clothes, mostly skirts and dresses, over these past few weeks with Christmas sales, summer sales, and boxing day especially which made me very happy as although I may earn a decent amount of money, I have student loans to pay off and am paying of my car as well so I like saving money when I can. Another exciting thing I realised is that me and C will be moving to the south island in just a month or so! I have a bit to sort out in terms of my studies and enrollment which is a bit stressful but I’m getting there and am definitely more excited than stressed.

Anyway I should go and tidy the room up as it really is a mess and I’m an organisation queen.

xx Cassie


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