New Year Resolution Time!

It’s that time of year guys! The time of year when we all make goals that we probably won’t keep, or at least will only keep til the end of January. I figured the best thing for me to do would be to write down mine here! There aren’t really that many but this way I’ll actually remember to attempt to do them

1. Get a life planner! I was contemplating the Erin Condren or Kikki K one but I can’t fathom spending that much on my first planner as I have no idea if I’m going to use it or not so I’m going with a cheaper but fairly similar one, the plum paper planner. Try saying that ten times fast! It’s simple yet almost OCD like in it’s set up and although I was tempted to get the hourly, I found the horizontal daily layout to be more appealing.

2. Pamper myself more. This is something I think everybody should do and I admit apart from the occasional bubble bath I don’t really do much to pamper my body. My plan for this is to

a) Fully exfoliate and moisturise at least once a week. This is just something that I’ve found really does make a difference in terms of how good your skin tone looks.

b) Get a full body massage once a month. No explanation needed with this one!

c) Get my hair cut at a salon sometime this year (I usually cut it myself as I seem to be good at it.)

d) Try and eat healthier. This is just a cliche resolution I have no hope of following but I feel the need to write it in anyway.

3. Try and be more organised with my new year of studies and also work! (see #1)

4. Try and date more. This may sound weird because I have a boyfriend but I mean date him. It’s easy to slip into a rut in a long term relationship so going on more dates and doing ‘cute’ stuff will be nice for both of us.

5. Get fit again. After my knee injury I stopped exercising as I couldn’t run anymore and that is my favourite form of exercise because I really hate the gym. Now that it’s been a year and it’s starting to heal I think it’s time to start working up to a marathon. (yeah right, but it’s good to have goals)

Honestly, I think that’s it really but I do have long term goals such as saving for a house and paying off my debt etc but those were all I could come up with for short term. If you guys have any good ideas for resolutions I’d love to hear them!

xx Cassie





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