No Makeup challenge week …?…

So I have no idea which week I’m supposed be on as I’m currently running on holiday time and am actually finding it difficult to differentiate between days. I guess I can say it was a mild success in the fact that I was at the beach during Christmas and of course, you can’t really wear makeup when you are swimming (unfortunately) unless you have some super products on hand. I have had a series of breakouts as I ran out of my birth control and have stopped taking it which messes up my hormones and I get terrible skin so hopefully once I’m back on it my skin will start to clear up!

This untimely onset of mountains on my face however, led to my extreme self consciousness at the pools/beach but I got over myself and although I did wear makeup, I only really wore BB cream to help hide the marks from my awful break outs and I felt pretty confident with it. I also haven’t worn any makeup at all for the past few days as I actually ran out and couldn’t get into town to buy any so bare face it was!

I can definitely say this challenge isn’t for the faint of heart, unless you are blessed with an extremely gorgeous face with perfect skin and in that case I’m pretty sure I hate you (just kidding, I love you all). I have found that it’s cleared my skin up drastically, or it’s a coincidence that my body is being nice lately and not breaking me out but not wearing makeup is most likely the factor especially as it is summer here and is so hot that even I’m breaking a sweat. It’s 3am currently and I have the fan on and am still rather sticky and can feel the oil building up on my face even though I usually have dry skin.

I don’t really feel like I achieved anything except for realising that sometimes makeup is OK. I certainly don’t feel like I need to go out with a full face of makeup looking absolutely flawless, but sometimes, a little concealer here and there is fine. It’s what makes YOU feel good, whether that’s false eyelashes and a red lip everyday or if it’s a bit of mascara. I don’t think I’ll be pulling of the no makeup thing everyday but, I definitely learnt something from this little challenge to myself and it’s a nice start to the new year.

Oh I also had a huge haul of makeup over the Christmas period which I didn’t have the chance to try out over my no makeup period so I’m very excited to give it all a go!


xx Cassie


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