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Past diary entries #1

I came across one of my online diaries from when I was 14 years old back in 2009 and thought it would be interesting to read them and see how my opinions/feeling have changed since them. I’ve decided to post one of my past diary entries a week which I think would be really fun to do!

So I used to start my diaries with the typical ‘about me’ section as though I had no idea who was writing it… but it came in handy because it’s rather interesting to read. This particular diary started with this and a ‘what I want to change’ section because I was an insecure little girl back then and it’s quite funny to see how much I’ve grown and how much more comfortable I’ve become in my own skin. So without further ado here goes!

(Old entries will be done in bold)

Hi! I guess I’ll start how I always do with things about me.

Age: 14

Height: 152cm 

Yes I was quite short back then and for those who don’t use metric it’s around 5ft. I was the shortest in my class for while! I’m now 5’4 so around average height which is nice!

Eye colour: Brown/Hazel

I’m not sure why I added this because it’s not like my eye colour was going to change…

Hair colour: Dark brown

This has actually changed slightly, I’ve never dyed my hair (aside from one time when I used a temporary dye to change my colour to black… bad mistake!) and my hair has gotten lighter over the years and is now a lighter brown with a slightly red tinge oddly enough.

Things I want to change this year:

ahhhh here we go time to rip into tiny Cassie… because 14 year old girls should all write things they don’t like about themselves. *rolls eyes*

Nose: Too big, bump on it ugh. 

This is something I used to be super self-conscious about even though it’s really not big at all and I actually quite like it now! Plus with makeup, you can do anything!

Eyes: Too small

Nooooo past Cassie! It’s because you used to line your entire eye with black eyeliner! This is a guaranteed way to make any eye look smaller! My eyes are actually quite big (in a nice way) and once again, makeup makes anything look good!

Body: No boobs, sigh. Flabby arms, short legs and hairy!

This one is quite funny as when I was younger I didn’t have the best body, I was short, slightly chubby and extremely flat chested as I didn’t grow into myself until I was about 16. Now I’m an 8E in bra size which is rather large especially conpared to my slight frame and I actually grew 4 cup sizes when I was 16 in the space of a year.

I also started competitive cheerleading that year which automatically made me get into shape and now I’m rather fit which is quite nice. I also wasn’t allowed to shave my legs until I was 16 which solved the hairiness factor and I had a major growth spurt sometime over the next few years which made my legs get very long in proportion to my body which is how I’m a model at 5’4 because they make me look tall in pictures.

EYEBROWS!!!: soooooooooooooooooooooooooo fluffy and stupid unibrow!

Yes, I wrote that many O’s. Once again, wasn’t allowed to shave or pluck my hair til I was 16 although I would occasionally steal my mothers tweezers and secretly pluck my eyebrows. I also accidentally shaved half my eyebrow off (It never recovered, and grows a bit funny now) trying to get rid of my unibrow. Being part greek, hair is something I’ve never lacked in!

Cheekbones: they don’t exist! 

Yes they exist, everybody has cheekbones silly Cassie! I get where I was coming from though, back then I had a round face and not much bone structure but as I grew, my face thinned out and now my cheekbones are one of my best features!

Feet: Lumpy

I’m not etirely sure what this means, I honestly don’t. How can feet be ‘lumpy’? Maybe I meant they were too bony? But they are feet, and feet are generally ugly so I really don’t care about them anymore!

So that is the extent of my first diary entry of 2009 and was written on January 3rd 2009 so 7 years ago yesterday! It’s definitely odd to see me being so self-conscious about my body because as of now I wouldn’t say that it’s perfect or anything but I have a decent hip to waist ratio and nice curves going on but I’m actually very happy with it. Although, I would love to have a bigger butt 😦

Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed reading about little Cassie and hopefully you guys like hearing more interesting diary entries (boy crazy Cassie came in to effect this year and there’s a lot of juicy things to come!)

xx Cassie


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