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It’s Official!!

So it’s official. We have our moving dates! C put his 4 week notice in at his current job and he has an interview for a position at a company that wants him to work for them so we will see how that goes. It would be amazing if he got it as it would be decent pay and allow us to have some stability as my modelling isn’t a set income every week and I’m still a student so I can’t take us out to dinner all the time and pay for groceries etc etc. He has around 12k saved up from selling his bike and just general savings from paychecks which allows him to move down regardless of if he gets this job or not and gives him a bit of a buffer zone.

We are doing really well as a couple right now. We are moving together which brings anyone much closer as we are moving to a completely new place where we have no family or friends and just each other to rely on. It’s a scary scary time for me because although I went to college close to where we are moving to, it was different because I lived on campus so it was like I had people around me all the time. I was just as nervous before I moved then as I am now though so I guess I need to remember that I enjoyed living down there once I was down there before so moving down now will be the same thing. I tend to overthink everything and my brain goes 100 miles a minute just worrying about absolutely nothing and making mountains out of molehills but in the end I know it will work out.

I’m so stressed at the moment. Like you don’t even know. I’m still trying to organise a work placement and I don’t think I’m going to relax until my enrollment is fully completed. I have an offer conditional on the fact that I get a clinic sorted out to do my placement at and it’s taking far longer than I expected. I start in 2 weeks and if I don’t have a placement by then… I don’t even want to think about that. I’ll be putting off studying for a year which is something that I really don’t want to do. I’ve already been a student for 4 years. I’ll be 22 this year and this will be the last year I study. The clinic did get back to me to say that they will have me for a week and possibly more but without a definite answer of them saying, yes sure we will have you for ‘x’ amount of hours. It’s a bit tricky to tell the uni how many hours they will give me. I did ask them if I can let the uni know that they are the clinic I want to do my hours at and hopefully they reply with a yes.

The main thing is that they want to meet me. I’m still in Auckland and will be til I move which is after the course start date. It will be so much easier once I am down there and they meet me and hopefully like me. They want me to start my practicum the week I move down pretty much because it’s dry cow season or something (I haven’t started yet so have nooooo idea what that means) and getting experience teat sealing would be good. I would much prefer to start later buuuuut if it means I get a head start on hours then I’m sure I’ll be ok.

I must say, this whole blogging this is super handy for getting my anxiety and stress out on ‘paper’ I find that I can’t write a diary as I type much faster than I write and when I write I almost have to slow my thoughts down in order to keep up with my writing speed but when I type, I can just babble on and on about whatever my brain thinks of at the time.

Have a good night/day guys,



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