Accidentally cut my hair in my sleep :(

Yes, the title is exactly what happened. I have some major sleep problems which sometimes cause me to hallucinate/dream and do things during this. Usually this just involves walking around the house and getting a bit freaked out when I think there are people in my room. No, It’s not a mental disorder and if you guys want to know more, I’ve explained in more detail in my other posts. It’s due to my narcolepsy and it tends to get worse if I don’t sleep well. Last night I couldn’t sleep and ended up being awake for something like 30 hours (aside from when I pass out which lasts for maybe 10 minutes at the most).

In my ‘dream’ I was in my bedroom and I was a hairdresser who for some reason had to cut my hair to show it off the next day. By the time I woke up, I’d somehow made it to the bathroom, located the scissors and chopped off my fringe. I do usually cut my hair myself, and it usually looks pretty decent but at 3 o’clock in the morning after being awake for 30 hours, my motor skills aren’t the best so, I ended up cutting my layers a little toooooo short and they now start very unevenly by my chin. It’s  hard to describe but it’s not a pretty sight. I also don’t want to go get it fixed because I did manage to do damage control but I need to let it grow out before I do anything more to it.

Sigh, the life of a narcoleptic right?

xx Cassie


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