My positivity project.

Staying positive is something I’ve always struggled with. I tend to be a worrier and overthink everything and look at the worst that can happen and am most definitely a glass half empty person. In saying this, I’m not always down on myself, I am a generally happy person but I do get negative about even the smallest things. I’ve come to the conclusion that even when my life gets tough, there are people out there that have it worse and still manage to stay positive.

I’m not so much talking about the poor children in Africa or anything, as this is very hard to relate to as I don’t have the same struggles as them. I’ve recently been watching an amazing girl on YouTube who has Cystic Fibrosis and does vlogs about it and how she lives with it. I just found the way she was always so positive and looked at the best side of things so inspiring. I don’t usually get ‘inspired’ by people but there is something about her that makes me so happy. If any of you don’t know or haven’t heard of her I highly suggest going to her YouTube. Her name is Mary and she has a channel called the Frey Life with her husband and her service dog.

I was just watching a vlog where she’s in the hospital getting tubed up and the whole time she just talks about how it will be fine and how shes happy that shes doing it. I think it just really put into perspective how good my life is. Yes, I may be a ‘poor’ student and may have my own struggles but at the same time, my health is decent, I have the rest of my life ahead of me, a partner who loves me and a caring family who supports me.

There are so many people out there who don’t have this and I guess I’m just going to try and look at the bright side of life and take whatever life throws at me, whether it’s the narcolepsy which is definitely a big part of my life, or smaller things like moving to an unknown city. Literally a few minutes before I started writing this I was complaining to C how tired I was as I’ve now been awake (I don’t include my ‘episodes’) since 9am on Friday (it’s now 10am on Sunday) but I thought about the fact that hey, this gives me more time to do things and I went to work both yesterday morning and this morning which I wouldn’t have done if I’d slept as it was a very early start. This got me thinking about how lucky I am to have a job and how many people can’t get one. It definitely made me much happier 🙂

Anyway, I think what I’m trying to say is that everybody has struggles, and no matter how small it is to other people it can be a big thing for you but just try and keep positive no matter what and just think of the good things in your life, even if there may not be many.

xx Cassie


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