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Plans are in motion!

So finally, my life is sorting itself out. My final year of my studies starts on the 7th of February which is in about a week and because I left everything quite last minute I was freaking out that I wouldn’t be able to be enrolled in time. I had already been conditionally accepted on the terms that I secured a practicum placement at a clinic and because we are moving, this was quite tricky to organise. In the end I finally made it and am fully enrolled and now it’s just getting Study link to sort out my student loan which takes forever because they are honestly the worst to deal with.

We also found a place to live which was another huge stress factor, it’s not a perfect place but it’s somewhere and in all honesty, I’m so fussy that nowhere would be perfect. It’s a 6 month contract so we are buckled in for an entire 6 months but that’s alright, the chances of us moving before then is highly unlikely. It’s nice to know that we do have somewhere to live and that we don’t have to stress about it anymore. It is a flatting situation (we will probably flat until we get married and buy a house, it’s so much cheaper so much easier to save a deposit for our own place). This place is a master bedroom with an en-suite and a WALK IN WARDROBE.

Yes, a walk in wardrobe! This honestly makes me so happy because my clothes are so difficult to contain and we currently only have a single wardrobe and my dresser is in the other room which just makes it weird in terms of trying to fold and organise my clothes. It’s also the same price as we are paying now ($20 less or something) so it’s ideal and I’m super excited! We do still have to buy things like a mattress and a new dresser because we are driving down and can’t fit that stuff in the cars unfortunately. I really want to get more into organisation as it is something I actually really enjoy doing and maybe once I get settled I’ll do some posts about it as I love reading other blog posts about how they organise their house.

On a slightly more serious note, C is now done with work. It’s a very complicated situation that really isn’t a big deal but there are a few people on the upper level that don’t like him due to him calling them out on some illegal activity within the company. Since that happened, they have been trying to get him fired for a while and luckily that never happened. However, a few months ago, a customer came in with a part that was smashed up because they had been landing the helicopter on rocks. C then put on the form something like ‘all smashed up’ and this then spiraled and ended up with them asking him to leave early. They are paying him out completely, so I don’t really get it but C said it was because the boss just didn’t want him around anymore. So basically C gets a holiday until we leave! C also then went to the HR lady and explained everything that had happened and all the illegal activity that was happening so that’s a good thing.

It’s really not a big deal, he’s getting paid to be on holiday really, and I’m not sure why they did it but hey. He also has had a job lined up for a while so when we move down we will be sorted. I can’t believe it’s finally time to move though, I feel like we have been talking about this move since we first met 2 years ago but I guess the timing just wasn’t right. Moving to this new place will be amazing, I can still do cheerleading, I can get a good job and if we don’t like living there, we can always move later. It is also closer to where my block course is being held. So we are moving about a 6 hour drive away from where my block course is which means I don’t have to fly down and can take my own car as I am totally a control freak and need to have my own car with me.

If any of you don’t know (I never did ’til I started) a block course is when you study via correspondence rather than studying on campus and is a week of tutoring and explanations for each paper etc. It also combines a lot of practical skills, considering my line of studying is a very practical minded industry and we need to be able to do things like take blood from cows and horses etc. One of the girls I knew from last year and is specialising in the large animals like I am this year, has organised a Bach for a bunch of us to stay in. There will be 6 girls staying together which I think is going to be so much fun. We can go out to town and stuff at nights and just have a lot more fun (and it’s much cheaper) than staying in a hotel room by myself.

I also woke up at 4 am this morning and can’t get back to sleep so it’s an early start for me! I think I’ll go for a drive and get a coffee and some Mcdonalds for breakfast (Their bacon and egg Mcmuffins are so good without cheese).

xx Cassie


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