Silver Linings

So a lot has happened in the last day. Yes, the last day. In one small amount of time my hopes and dreams of becoming a rural animal technician were dashed. I guess I’ll get into the story.

So here in New Zealand we have something called Studylink which gives you student loans and also gives you a living cost loan which gives you around $200 to help support your living costs. I rely on this living loan to give me the security that I can pay my rent every week in case something happens or if for some reason I’m sick or don’t get any jobs that week because modelling isn’t a ‘set hours’ kind of job, or at least for me it’s not.

The qualification I was planning on doing was a Diploma in Rural Veterinary Technology which is what I’ve been working towards for the past 3 years and this would be my final year. Turns out, this year was only part time (no idea why) and that was the only option. The problem with this is that it’s not part time hours. To give you a better idea of what I mean, the course doesn’t have enough hours to make it full time in terms of assignments etc but it has so many practicum hours that working full time would be near to impossible unless your work was able to give you weeks off at a time.

The problem with this (I didn’t know about it earlier) is that Studylink won’t fund a part time course, which means that all they do is pay your course fees (you have to pay it back still) but won’t give you the living costs loan (once again, you pay it back anyway so I don’t see the problem). If you fail the course and do it again the next year though, they pay for it.

So basically if you drop out or fail, they pay for your studies but if you actually just want to get your qualification, they won’t. I spent all of last week thinking I could do this year but I got a call saying they wont fund it. I then had a mild freak out, well, a very large freak out at work and they probably thought I was crazy but hey, models right? :p. There aren’t many places that offer this qualification so I thought that my dreams were dashed.

After crying a lot and calling my dad and C to try and get a second and third opinion, I managed to call the one institute in the city I’m moving to that happened to offer RAT. Although they start next week they said they would love to have me and that they can work something out so that I only have to start on the 20th once I’ve moved down. I applied to Studylink again and of course, they will help me now, so I can actually do what I’ve been working towards for years. The place I’m doing it at now means that it’s not correspondence so I will have to go in to classes and work less but at least I can study now. The place has a full equine unit with a gorgeous arena so I can start riding more often and hopefully get my own horse down there as the ones I have up here are pretty much retired and even if I wanted to, they don’t float or truck as they were rescues and are very ‘special’.

I guess the moral of this story is that I need to stop getting worked up about things even if they deserve it and just sit down and think. There is always a way around things and as cliche as it is, there is always a silver lining. I think I will enjoy this uni better than the one I was planning on going to anyway so things have all worked out for the better. If I hadn’t planned on going to the first uni, I would never have moved cities and wouldn’t have been able to find this new place and keep going as there is nowhere in my current city that offers it. This positivity thing is difficult at times but I’m starting to realise how good it is to think positively.

xx Cassie


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