My University/College Organisation Setup

If you have read my last posts, you may have realised that getting into my last year of uni has been extremely stressful and I’ve had to jump through who knows how many hoops in order to get things rolling. As of today though, after being on hold for hours I finally got things sorted. This means that I’m now in Uni prep mode. You would think that as this is my 4th year at uni I would have things sorted but nope, I’m the biggest procrastinator you will ever meet and I love leaving things to the last minute.

One of my goals is to be organised this year. I am one of those weird people who likes organising things, keep in mind though, that this doesn’t mean I’m a clean freak unfortunately, as although I love to organise and sort, I’m not a fan of actual cleaning much to C’s disappointment. I have been wanting a planner for years now but can’t justify the price. Here in NZ things aren’t as cheap as they are in the USA, for example, I love the Plum Paper planner but as soon as you want to ship it to NZ it adds on 19USD and with the conversion rate, I would end up paying 70NZD which I can’t bring myself to do. I actually ordered one last night without realising that it was in USD and had a heart attack when instead of just $50 it ended up being $70 so I actually went ahead and cancelled my order as I’m not sure planning will work out for me anyway. Don’t even get me started on the price of the KikiK planners and Erin Condren Life Planner because once again, conversion rates!

I went stationary shopping today (my favourite pastime) and found a cute daily planner for $30. It has an hourly view with a day per page which allows me to write down more and plan more than any of the life planners available that I like. I also got a few other things like notebooks etc and came up with a plan.

I decided to combine everything I like to do with planners and layouts and made my own little system. I started off making a dashboard on the inside of my binder with sticky notes and a notepad which I’m going to use for little things like shopping lists etc. I came across a problem however, which was that I didn’t think about the fact that when I closed the binder, the notebook pages flopped open, so using my innovation, I went ahead a used a thin hair tie (I have far too many) to act as an elastic to keep the notepad shut by gluing it to the underside of the pad. I then had the genius idea of using hair ties to be able to attach my notepads and planner into my binder. I simply tied a hair tie around two of the coils and I had a perfect way to keep all my books together. I love my little system so far and I have so much to do to personalise it which I’m extremely excited about and will definitely keep you guys posted as to how I do make it just a little bit prettier.

I’m also having surgery in two days which is exciting, I went to a maxilofacial surgeon today to have my mouth looked at and we have decided to remove a tooth. Sounds glamorous I know but my mouth just doesn’t have enough room for my teeth as I do have a rather small face and my baby canine never came out which forced my adult canine to come out in the wrong spot. It sound far more dramatic than it looks and you really don’t even notice but I figured, I have medical insurance so why not go ahead and get it taken out! As I’m moving next week, they asked if I wanted to do it on Friday to which I said “Why not.”

So my first entry in my little planner is just that, I also added the cutest drawing of a tooth (I’m no artist) and have already colour coded all my different activities. I’m going to insert a few pictures of my ‘system’ so you can get a better idea as to what on earth I’m even talking about and I really hope to start doing some organisation posts as I love reading other people talk about how they organise their lives and houses.

Because I’m moving, I’m also going to be setting up a new organisation system for the kitchen and bedroom etc so will post those when I get around to doing it. Anyway, this post is going to become very long if I start talking about all my ideas so I’ll leave it at that and I’d love to hear about your guys planning systems or tips for moving! I’m finding it awfully hard to pack and get rid of the things I don’t need! Anyway, here are the pictures! Enjoy!binder-layoutplanner-pagedashboard

xx Cassie


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