Let me start by saying that I’m fine, and apart from a headache and bruised foot, I think I’ll be fine. I am now terrified of appliances though!

I’m not sure where to start with the story however as I don’t want to make myself sound like a complete idiot! I guess I’ll start by saying that the place we moved into has a broken dryer, before moving in, the landlord stated that it came with a washing machine and dryer which is a fairly standard thing, especially here where it is raining most of the time.

When we got here however, he said it had a coin box on it that you had to put $2 in ever time you wanted to use it (very annoying considering how much rent we are paying!) but anyway, the lock box was broken and we therefore haven’t been able to use the dryer since we moved in which means the laundry has really been piling up. The guys here managed to hook up a plug which we could attach to the dryer and it involves wire which you attach together. We obviously take off the plug each use so the landlord doesn’t find out and this left me to attach it myself. I am very lacking in the electricity skills department and so I asked C to help me do it which he replied ‘It’s basically foolproof, I’ve shown you how to do it so you’ll be fine just make sure you turn off the power.’

I thought I turned off the plug but noooo, I turned off the washing machine plug and went to touch the OPEN FRIKKEN WIRES and gave myself a good old zap and a heck of a fright. I walk in sobbing to the kitchen where C is minding his own business and thinks I’m joking because ‘it’s foolproof’. Apparently not! My toes are now bruised and I have a huge headache and in the process I managed to blow the power box on the wall leaving us with no dryer or washing machine which is less that we had in the beginning.

I guess you could say it was a…. big shock….

If anyone else has done something this silly I’d be glad to hear about it!



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