Becoming a family of three!!

No, unfortunately we aren’t having a baby yet as we are waiting a few years until that, but we did get a cat. I’ve never been a cat person and never understood how people thought that their cat was the cutest thing that exists but now that I have one I totally understand!

We rescued her from the SPCA and she wasn’t our first choice but was definitely the best one. We had only just moved into our new place and had been living here for a week when we asked the landlord if we could have a cat and they had no problems with it so we proceeded to go to the SPCA to pick a kitty out.

I fell in love with a little black and white cat who was super playful and had been hand reared and so was very confident with humans and we planned to go back the next day to pick it up so we could think about it. The next day I rushed to the SPCA and was there even before they opened and there was only one other car there with me. I hopped out of the car and there was a girl walking ahead of me and as soon as I walked in I heard her say, “I’m here to pick up the black and white kitten.”

I was heartbroken because I honestly believed this was the kitten for me and there may have been a few tears. I pulled myself together and decided to have a look at the other kittens just in case any caught my eye and I saw a little tabby cat who was confident and playful but then I found myself looking at the cage next to it and saw two extremely shy kittens. I do have a soft spot for the shy/timid animals because I know that with the right people, they can thrive.

This shy kitten was petrified when I took her out for a cuddle and so I ended up just observing her in the cage and honestly, she was nothing special. Shes a tortie/tabby with some cute little orange patches and she was just hiding in her litter tray. I called C at work and asked him to come over and look at these two kittens because I couldn’t decide if I wanted the shy girl or the playful little boy. After much deliberation we decided on the girl and it was the best choice we ever made.

I took her home and C went back to work and put her in a corner of the room I’d set up for her and just sat there with her for hours and hours. She eventually got more comfortable with me and fell asleep next to me which was great progress. Over the next few days she explored the house and became more than confident with us and now she is a super happy, confident kitten who has already started sleeping on our bed with us even though she’s only been here for a week.

Sometimes you have to look past the initial temperament of a kitten, especially in a shelter environment where things are constantly changing around them and people coming and going and realise that some cats are just meant for a small family and just need some TLC to become cuddly and happy.

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce Luna as the third member of our family.18198558_1234531666673131_5021495605356209638_n.jpg


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